Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Happy Jack 2010

My Turtle award for Sunday.

Happy Jack is our local ride and it's a good one. This year the weather was perfect. We often get four seasons in one weekend including hail and snow. In August! There were lots of riders. I'm thinking over 60 on Saturday and at least 30 on Sunday. I am in 'easy mode' right now, broken foot and all, so i got to take lots of pictures and goof around a bit. I rode with Mernie on the Sat LD. Flambeau was wound up at the beginning but chilled out pretty quickly when he realized how much grass was to be had for the back runners. I took it even easier on Sunday riding Tim's youngster Trouble (Got A Copy) He did really well with all A's and we even received the coveted Turtle award which this year was...... a big zucchini! See above. BIG thanks to Bob and all his volunteers for putting on an excellent ride yet again.
Sara on Flirt. Great pair. First ride for both them. Actually second. Saturday with Tim and Junior was the first. Now look at them go!
Mernie riding high on Ice. See her ear in the left corner.
Mernie on Ice. Yes i got to ride and complete with my hubby buddy!

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