Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Horse and Rider 2010

Goofin' around on the trail!
Joe looking his early morning best!
Bonnie on Baracha (Rocket) only her 4th/ 5th ride done totally barefoot and BC ed 2nd day. What a little ripper!!!!

Gosh i need to catch up on two rides. I thought i'd have plenty of time to do indoor things when i broke my foot but alas i found devious ways to get outside and keep going with what i love best. Riding and horsin' around.
Horse and Rider, Carbondale Co 14th and 15th of August. Went with Bonnie and Joe, my team we call the Borojoes. We had a lovely time though the course was difficult, rocky and at 10,000 + feet. It took most of the allotted time to do it. Bonnie and Joe brought home BC and first prizes and me and my broken foot were thoroughly happy with completions both days on Flambeau and Junior. Thank yous go to Carol with a name i can never pronoun for a great week end.

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Bonnie Swiatek said...

It was a tough, mountain ride, yet fun. Baracha sure was a trouper! We were glad that Ronnie & Joe were there. Rocket was barefoot for such a rocky ride. It was her 3rd & 4th rides & the 1st time that she did 2-30
mile rides back-to-back. She earned 1st & BC the 2nd day.