Monday, September 06, 2010

Rushcreek Reunion, 2010

Rushcreek Reunion in Lisco NE is a very special ride held every Labor day week end. Thanks to Rushcreek Land and Live Stock we get to ride the beautiful open rolling hills of Nebraska among grazing cattle, chugging windmills and meadows of smiling sunflowers. Lyle and Teresa along with Lynn Jones and all the cowboys and friendly volunteers combine to produce an atmosphere of good ole down home ranch hospitality, great food and fun all week end! I've been taking things easy with my horses as of late so my goal has been the turtle award. Jack Evers got it on Saturday but i snagged it on Sunday. My second this year following the Zucchini at Happy Jack. I could really get into this turtle thing especially when it always seems to come with a completion and a sound horse!!
I'm looking forward to next year as Lyle announced his plan to make it a three day ride with a possible 75 mile trail! Stay tuned. Hey and if you want to ride your horse barefoot and have a horse with even half way decent hooves, this is an excellent ride to do. The footing is very soft. I did a 50 and a 25 barefoot no worries!
Timbo French helping out Lyle at the awards banquet Sunday night. He was in top form wearing the sexy little crew apon he and Lyle bidded up to and bought for $800 at the conference in February. They will be kindly donating it back to be auctioned again next year. A chance for other generous and good humored ride managers get into and look equally sexy in at their awards and briefings!!!
Flamboyant Beau (Flambeau). Quite a Novelty to be riding my own horse for a change!
Photo by Karl Creations
Chris Compton showing Rushcreek Theo 'Teddy' the way. He's really listening too."Yes i see that ribbon" says he! The sun flower is a nice touch too. Chris's birthday is Sept 5th and it has become a tradition for us to ride a 25 together. Lyle loaned her this lovely Rush Creek horse for the ride. He's for sale and a real sweet heart!

This was actually taken at Happy Jack by Pascal Karl. See here Tim French's Walkin' horse 'TROUBLE' sticking out his tongue at the photographer. Trouble is adorable but certainly lives up to his name! See also my foot in a brace.


Anonymous said...

Hi! I'm Trish Wild, and you left a comment on my blog - I just finished riding the Colorado Trail yesterday. It was a fantasy ride of 500 miles and everyone survived in good shape. The horses are resting and putting on some calories today. Now it's time to prepare for the big exodus to South America. Thanks for your note, and wouldn't it be great to get together sometime?

Feel free to email me at I'm planning a trip to Laramie in the near future. Perhaps we could meet in person?

Take care,
Trish Wild

Sara Wagner said...

Woo hoo! Another turtle!