Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Sangre Scenic, Westcliffe, CO

This ride has moved up to one of my absolute favorites!
For some reason I assumed the ride was Fri, Sat, Sun. I was wrong! The above is a picture of ride camp when i got there. So I helped Linda Hardeman set trail (in a niffty little Trekker vehicle) on Friday which was nice. When we returned at the end of the day all the neighbors had moved in and were busily setting up for the rides on Sat, Sun and Monday.
I rode 55/35/50 completed all three days on two horses. I took it easy and was only about 4 hours behind Crockett Dumas on day three! The weather was warm apart from a couple of quick squalls and little friendly breeze to keep both riders and horses in good shape. Although the loops repeat themselves ! never get tired of the scenery which is just gorgeous especially with the leaves beginning to turn.

The ride meetings were brightened up by a happy crowd and a blue grass band on Sunday evening. I didn't even get the name of this trio but here is a picture of them playing. They are just starting up and you may just see them somewhere else some day.
The food was freshly prepared and presented by the ranch owner/manager and her crew. It was delicious and plenty of it. Another extra 5 lbs brought home around the belly of yours truly as I make my way toward heavy weight!
The Sangre Scenic ride is usually held twice a year at Music Meadows Ranch nestled at the base of the majestic Sangre de Cristo Mountains of South Central Colorado. The ranch covers 4000 acres and is beautifully run by lovely Elin Rusher. To find out more go to or call 719 783 2222. 'Itellya,' it's well worth a visit.
Big thanks to Elin and co, the ride manager Linda Hardeman and her volunteers and Vets for making this an enjoyable 'top of the list' ride.
Oh and getting to see Crockett do a jig to the music was absolutely precious! Didn't have my camera then DARN IT!

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