Sunday, June 05, 2011

dome house pictures

Dome house from the outside. Fenced yard, big deck, some landscaping. Sort of cute. Total disaster inside!
Double garage with loft  (to be apartment) above. In great condition. Upstairs will be the living space while we work on the Dome.
Upstairs inside the dome. Smells marginally better now the carpet has been ripped out.
The loft apartment. This will be really neat once it is insulated, dry walled, has floor covering and furnished.Right now it makes an ideal camping spot! See below
OMG what's that living in there?
Now for the BEST. This is our back yard. The property of 5 acres backs up to BLM land with lots of riding trails right out our back door! We are surrounded by lovely horse friendly neighbors like Jim and Georgia Kinninger who loaned me their handsome TWH, Boojoe (phonetic Sp?) to go tour the area. At the back is Jim on his TWH Blue, an equally handsome blue roan.As you can see I'm in Heaven!!!

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Hi Cous whats happening to the ranch