Wednesday, June 01, 2011

Still here Nevada somewhere in the future

Almost looks like life just stopped after the Ozark. Well it was an event hard to top! But yes I'm still here doing this and that and a few other things. Sometimes ( actually a lot of times) its difficult to sit down and write a blog after a hard day on the ranch. It can and will happen though.
Life is good here. No traveling with horses due to an outbreak of a deadly disease spreading throughout the states. We are staying put until we know its contained. It's just not worth the risk when you have 70 + equines under your professional care.
The big news is we have purchased a property in Wellington, Nevada. This 5 acre former horse boarding facility  sits in a little oasis surrounded by mountains and settled sparsely by equine friendly folks. The house itself is a total disaster so only working vacations are being planned for now. It will be a while until we move there. I've asked Mernie to send over a picture from his file but that may take 'a while' also so stay tuned. Ronnie.
Oh and it's less than 100 miles from the Tevis!!

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KSLongrider said...

Its all about location!! Come do the Tevis with us in October.