Tuesday, July 31, 2012

I Know You Rider, Mountain View, Wyoming July 2012

  Thanks to Beth and John Buzis, Vets ( Tom Courier and Irena Weiss) and Volunteers, this was yet again a wonderful,  fun- filled event. The ride takes its name from the popular Grateful Dead song 'I Know You Rider'. John is of course,a 'dead'icated fan!
 The Ty-dye theme, which included the hidden bears out on the trail, takes you right back to the psychedelic 60's. The food was delicious and there was music again from the local band Wyoming Wind making the whole atmosphere relaxed and enjoyable. Kipling and I helped set trail (30 miles) on Friday and then did 50 miles (slow) both days. He was tired but bounced back really quickly. And me, well I don't seem to get tired riding this horse. It's like sitting on a hydrofoil.
 Sunrise over base camp.
 There was a 'Photo Ham' on the trail. See here the beautiful Michelle Smith of Trailwise Tack on her handsome Jet!.
 The Trail up the underground pipeline. Up Up Up through towering aspens
 Kip's lovin' this. His ears were like this the whole way.
 ....and this, the five mile jeep trail.
 Loved the jeep trail through the  forest.
 The Ham again!
 ...and again!
 ....and again
 Click to enlarge and you might be able to see the hiding deer!
Sun Set again. Justice not done by the photo.

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