Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Shamrock 2012 20th Anniversary

Photo by Karl Creations
Another fantastic time had by all at Shamrock now  twenty years into the making. Susie Schomberg and her superb team of volunteers and Vets sure know how to put on a good do!Here I am on Flamboyant Beau looking good but not good enough as he was pulled at the first check for a minor lameness which, in true form was gone the next day. I am looking for a new career for him now. Something that doesn't get him so revved up.This was Friday. Saturday I rode John Buzis's horse Too Far on the 30 and had a blast riding with his wife Beth on her Lacey and on Sunday I rode Cynthia Peticola's Rambling Red the Super Mule. Love mules and this one's a beauty! Again had a blast riding with Cynthia and Mary Ruebush. The weather was nice and thus the road into base camp didn't prove as 'enduring' as usual! There were lots of riders all three days and much catching up was done. Shamrock is one of those 'not to be missed' rides!

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