Wednesday, October 17, 2012

early morning swim at 33 F

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I can't believe it folks! This morning I fell in the big water trough! Having recently 'acquired' some injured ribs, I couldn't pull myself out. And it was bloody cold. About 34 degrees F to be precise. So I screamed for Mernie who was taking out the big horse Nate. Nate's paddock is about as far away as you could be on our 10 acre plot! However,Bill lives in the mobile home right there near the trough and  it must have got his attention (and shattered the serenity of his early morning rituals) as he came running out to the rescue bare- foot in his bath robe! Mernie could see what was going on from the other side of the ranch and yelled "throw her back in. I'll get the camera."
 Bad luck. No photos. This is the best I could do.
Thanks Bill!
Ok how doesn't one manage to fall into a 'huge' water tough that, as Mernie reminded me, wasn't just put there last night. Well, it was easy actually! For a start i had lots of clothes on including trussed up ribs which made it easy to go 'off balance'. (Sort of like the Michelin Man). So........ I was turning a horse out, and with my newly acquired vigilance concerning the back of horses and their tendency to go gleefully into a brisk and breezy morning, kicking their heels into the air, i smartly took a couple of 'good steps' backward just to make sure i was right out of her way. As 'she' uneventfully strolled off  'I' ......fell backwards into....... the water trough. See ....easy!

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