Friday, September 16, 2005

friday and kiddy lit

Seems once a teacher always a teacher. Many years ago I tried my best to leave the teaching profession. I worked in the hospitality industry waitressing and bartending, I painted condominiums and shovelled snow,earned an art degree (BFA) and became an AOT (artist among other things) and a 'story teller.' I saw story telling and the performing arts as just another form of art only now the medium becomes 'me'! Lot cheaper than paint I have to say. So on the surface all this looks like I've successful made my way out the chalky game. On closer examination though one might see that story telling and performing arts is not just another form of art but rather another form of............teaching! Maybe I never wanted to get out (yes I did, yes it did) but rather had to figure out away of doing it to accommodate my failing health. Of course this is still really exhausting but in developing routines that work on stage maybe eventually they will find their way into children's books. This seems to me a natural progression. Still I find myself back relieving in the Kindy! Just in the blood I suppose.
So every Friday I am going to post a little piece of kiddy lit. from a series of little poems I am working on call Have You Ever? Here's my very first one..............
Have you ever had the Hiccups?

Have you ever had the hiccups
and they didn't go away
'though you got inside a paper bag
and stayed in there all day?

Did someone say
just hold your breath
until your face turns blue
or drink water hanging upside down?
An impossible thing to do!

Did you ever think that witches
sent them to you as a curse?
Then realise that thinking about them
only made them worse!

Did you ever have a hiccup and a cough
that came together
Or a hic and then a cough
and then a sneeze.......
GOSH, GOLLY! Have you ever?

If you've had the hiccups
and they didn't go away
and you had them for an hour
or even half a day

Don't complain or feel too bad
You may have cause to laugh
if you stop and think
just what might happen
to a hiccupping........GIRAFFE!!

Ronda Eden


Mern said...

This may show a little bias, but that is very good.

Mern said...
I got a blog for myself. I needed it to comment on your blog. We need to change your settings so anyone can comment without being a member.