Sunday, September 18, 2005

talk back radio

Here in Adelaide we have a few great programmes on the ABC radio. You can always tell when I have been spending long hours in my studio because that's when I tend to talk about things I've heard on the radio. ABC droppings so to speak.Well, its mainly Matthew A and David B that have me stop what I'm doing to jot down some 'roo droppings.' Hmmm!( That's why I like radio so much.You can keep on working and still ....... these guys mess up that theory a bit.) It's a talkback show so you keep up with all the quacky as well as intellgent droppings of other Adelaidites. Very eyeopening. Anyhow, the other day they had people call in with metaphors or funny sayings. Every day depictions to add colour to everyday situations. Well ! They had more calls than ever for this. Aussies have always used metaphor and simile quite naturally in their every day speech and its nice to know this habit is alive and well. Here are just a few from the callers. Some are a little bawdy of course.........
As popular as a turd in a punch bowl.
As full as a Pommie's complaint box
Excuse me for reaching I just got off the ship.
See ya later. Thanks for the warning.
This one was from an Indian man. 'Hikum Flunky'.Which roughly translates to " he had a sudden rush of shit to the brain.My personal favorite!
And now for the winner; one aimed at those younger than you who think they know it all............. I was in Bagdad when you were still in your Dad's bag.
Eventually you have to get a little bit 'affected' by listening to talk back radio.

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