Monday, June 19, 2006

The Evolution of the Ishchicks

The Funny Chickens (or The evolution of the Ishchicks.)
by Stanley Gilbert Eden Editored and illustrated by Ronda Eden.
(A children’s story)
(Well at least one version of the story)

Once in a far-away place called Funny Land there lived lots of funny animals. The pigs were funny. The horses were funny. The cats and dogs were funny. Even the insects were funny. It was a great place to live because they could have fun all the time being funny. All the animals loved it. That is, all except for the funny chickens. They spent the whole time whinging.
One day the leader of he funny chickens said,
“There must be a better place for us to live than this Funny Land!”
So he ordered all the funny chickens to build a sailing ship. Off they sailed in search of a better place for funny chickens. All was going well as they sped full sail over the waves with great hope in their hearts. Then suddenly….. the wind stopped. And they waited and waited not going anywhere for a very long time until the leader announced,
And he leapt over board and started to swim. The others follow and although they weren’t very good at it at first, they got better and better until they became expert funny swimmers. And they swam and they swam for days, weeks and even months until they finally struck land. They staggered up onto the beach where there were people lying everywhere sunbaking.
Wet and exhausted they plonked themselves down amongst the people and started making their funny chicken noises. The sunbakers laughed at them because they sounded so funny. They were quite amused until this racket went on for about five hours! Then they didn’t think it was funny any more!
So they chased all the funny chickens back into the sea. They swam and they swam once more in search of a better place for funny chickens. (But that’s not the end of the story!)
The sunbakers shook their fists and shouted,
Then went back to their sunbaking.
All was peaceful for a while until some one yelled out,
“LOOK!” and pointed to the funniest egg you have ever seen. It was pink with purple spots and square instead of round. It was so funny everyone started to laugh.
“HEY, IT’S STARTING TO CRACK OPEN,” shouted someone else!
It trembled and spun then started to wriggle and bounce all over the beach. “HOW FUNNY,” they all screamed!
Suddenly it exploded open and out popped the funniest creature you could ever image. It was half chicken and half fish! Now the sunbakers were laughing so loud they were rolling on the sand. The funny creature was terribly insulted. After all, they were the ones that looked so funny. So it poked out its tongue at them, ran across the beach, leapt into the water and swam as fast as it could toward Funny Land...... where it knew that it belonged.

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