Monday, June 19, 2006

up date

G'day y'all.
Won't be long and we will be back in the great USof A. Mernie will be heading back at the end of the month and I will be tagging along behind after the property sells. We sold the float (horse trailer)on the week-end so that's a start. Now we need to sell the ute (truck), house and all the doo dads collected over the last four years. Why do people need so much stuff? We all have it! Loads of 'I might need this someday stuff!'
I'm making the best of the time left here by spending as much time home in callington as possible enjoy the surrounds, friends and the horses that people have loaned me since the boys went to Horse Med.Typically I'm really loving the place now on the verge of leaving it. Anyway we a heading for a great place so I can't complain. We are fortunate people.

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