Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Have you ever gone by Pelican?

Latest Kiddie Lit.

Have you ever gone by Pelican?

Have you ever been all cosy

tucked up in your bed

so warm your cheeks are rosy

just you and little Ted

But then you heard some noises

and wished they'd go away

Coz you and litttle Teddy

would like ot sleep all day!

So you opened up one eyelid

to see that noise you heard

then both your eyes popped open

to see a GIANT BIRD!

Staring down upon you

along that big, long bill

A super, gianormous pelican

was standing really still

Then it started dancing

all around your bed

knocking things right over

the ceiling bumped its head!

And then it snatched your teddy

right out of your hand

and held him it that floppy bill

How much can one kid stand!


you screamed 'til you turned blue

but then it snatched your nice warm beanie

and held it in there too!

It was trying to tell you something

What was it about?

Its cold outside.Was that a clue?

It was without a doubt.

So you got up and said "Hello,

Mind if I hop inside?"

It opened up its great,big gob

And took you for a ride.

Out of your bedroom window

up into the sky

just you and little Teddy

Above the world so high! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeee!!

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