Saturday, March 08, 2008

Children's Book Illustration Portfolio continued/people

Have You Ever Had a Hot dog?

Have you ever had a hot dog
that you wore instead of ate?
The type that makes a gooey mess.
The type your parents hate!

Did the ketchup run all over you
and all over your clothes?
Did it make a bright red sticky river
from your chin down to your toes?

Did you have another, then another
then another one?
Did you make a super hot dog mess?
Did you have a heap of fun?

Well if you had a hot dog
that you worn instead of ate,
the messy gooey icky type,
the type you parents hate

consider yourself lucky
'cause when all is said and done
the one that doesn't make a mess
is the one that's .....just no FUN!

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