Friday, March 07, 2008

My New Chlidren's Book Illustration Portfolio/animals

New character drawings for Peggy Lou the Emu. Note Peggy Lou's head is larger to add more 'cute appeal' she no longer carries a book and pencil and I've given her sneakers that are too big for her. I have also changed my colored pencil and ink technique.


Anonymous said...

I love the new illustrations! I haven't seen those before. If you want, I still have that childrens story about Foot, FootFoot, and Foot Foot Foot. I don't know how you are at rabbits, but I hear they're rather common in Australia. I could send it to you and see if you want to do anything with it. Later...Corm

Paula said...

Love your drawings Ronnie! They're really good. Good luck with getting published.
How ya' going?? All well here. 3 weeks of term left until hols! We're off to Byron Bay again for the 3rd year. Love it there without the crowds of summer.
Paula XX