Thursday, March 13, 2008

Portfolio continued/ Goanna

A bit silly but this actually happens. We are all told to stand perfectly still when you see a snake. This doesn't work with those big tree goannas. Their eyesight's not too good. If they panic they'll head right up the nearest thing they think might be a tree. It's a little unnerving wouldn't you say?!
Australia's a strange place.


Anonymous said...

Dear RonnieRoo,
What a wonderful, fabulous surprise to see "Roo Droppings".
Your art work and poetry are fabulous. I have 4 amazing Grandchildren and another on the way. Thay are just going to love your work. You're an inspiration!
Seeing your Blog takes away all of the missing you, I feel like your in my living room...
Please post more and more.

Nora said...

Dear Ronnie,
Here is my E-mail.

Ronnieroo said...

Hey is it Grand Lake Nora?? I couldn't get your email. Email me at
Cheers and thanks so much for the lovely comment. R