Tuesday, October 18, 2005

roodroppings leading to the end of the year

Some Roo Droppings of things going on from now (Oct 19th) until the end of the year.
Currently I am working on mural sketches for Community Lifestyles in Murray Bridge. The project involves working with with some very charming people with abilities as well as disabilities. Together we will be creating a mural along a fence in front of their mini golf course. The picture here is pretty boring right now, but you'll see, it will be 'jumpin'' in a few weeks. As a natural progression we will be depicting a scene of a real golf course with 'golfcoursey-like' things going on. So far we only have the metal prep done. This Friday we will be working on some under-coating in preparation for the back ground to be set next week. We are on our way to great things. Stay tuned!
On the week-end of Nov 5th and 6th I am taking part in an exhibition/market at the Hahndorf Academy called the 'Weihnachtsmart' or Christmas fine arts market. About seven artists will be showing and selling their creations. Good quality work; no rubbish. It will be great! Although this is the first event of it's kind in Hahndorf, the organisers hope to make it an annual event. We will be there both days from 11am to 4pm. Would love to see as many people as possible show up. I'll try to get some more info up on the web.
Then on the following Thursday, the 9th of November, Mernie and I leave for the US for only 10 days to be with Mernie's Mum to celebrate her 80th birthday. Its also Mernie's birthday. He's a little younger though. Funny thing about that is that 59 years ago he really was 'a little Younger'. You see, Younger is Mernie's surname. Mernie Younger! He will always be Younger!
On the 26th of Nov. we will be attending an Opera in Callington at the Dog 'n Ute. I have been preparing some paintings for the event. (See earlier blog) Talk about something grand in a little ole'country town.
Then at the end of this month Mernie's son and his wife will be coming Down Under for a whirlpool visit. Early December will see us all on Kangaroo Island for a couple of days.
THEN, on 25th we get a special Chinese Xmas present. Our good friend Weinwen (pictured in the last blog) will be arriving from the USA to stay with us for a month.
Don't know what we are doing for New Year's but I'm voting for staying put! Maybe we could have a party and make it a Chinese New Year theme. Just for Weiwen.

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