Monday, October 31, 2005

Melbourne cup history

In spite of the fact that I'm really flat out right now, what with a big exhibition coming up this week-end, in the middle of a major mural job and getting ready to take of overseas next week, I couldn't resist the invitation to attend a ladie's Melbourne cup luncheon here in Callington. Doesn't get better. Champagne, fancy hats and the excitement of the race. Not to mention that this year history was made when the champion mare (a female wots more) won the race for the third time running!! (Something that Pharlap would surely have done if he had the chance.) So, I'm glad I took the break and enjoyed it. And besides, I won a prize for best hat. A massage by our massage therapist host Donna! Yeehah and double yeehah!!! See here history being made above and the lovely Sarah Filmer one of the delectable guests and my good friend getting into the spirit of the occasion..
While everyone is reeling from the sensational victory of the winning stead I'm tending to wonder how many people are thinking about the second horse. Well I bet they are in Strathalbyn; a little country town neighbouring Callington. 'On A Juene' , the second horse, hails from Strath and really wasn't that far behind the 'golden girl!' I'd recon that one of the Strathalbyn pubs would be the place to be tonight!! My gosh, I'd better get off the computer and get down there before happy hour ends. And what a happy hour its going to be tonight.Cheers!!

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