Thursday, October 06, 2005

This is probably the biggest papier mache piece I have ever done. I think it probably did me in as it wasn't long after this I started my treatment for chronic fatigue!
This 'giant' was commissioned by the Seven Day Adventists Reform League as part of their programme of talks concerning the giants of the Bible. Each to his own. Here he is lying down in my Callington studio pretty close to completion. When standing he measures 12' and one inch (4metresish), took over a month to build working almost every day and sucked up about 50 litres of wall paper paste. Apparently they stand him up in a huge coffin to depict the way he was discovered a few centuries ago somewhere in Ireland. I contructed him in two parts so they can transport him around to stand as a visual during their lectures. Faith is an incredible thing!

Friday Kiddy Lit

Have you ever had a centipede?

Have you ever had a centipede
right inside your pants?
Did you scream or did you jump around
or do a hula dance?

Did you wonder how it go there
that's a place it shouldn't be?
Maybe someone put it there.
Hey it wasn't me!

How do things get into your house?
Do they just knock on the door?
Then come right in and look around
for trousers on the floor!

Did your Mum say "serves you right"
for dropping clothes around
then something 'bout a lesson
'bout trousers on the ground?

I bet it was quite horrid
all those little feet
a climbin' up toward that place
where both of your legs meet!!!

So now you'll know while dressing
just what it's all about
if you leave clothes lying on the floor
be sure to ..........SHAKE THEM OUT!!!!

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Lila said...

Shake your clothes Yep!! might add and your towel before you dry yourself, rubbing a spider all over your body isn't much fun either. eek!!!
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